We offer dedicated software developed to meet the individual needs of your company.

Purchasing VT Dedicated Solutions you will receive:

program tailored to individual requirements
opportunity to make modifications for changing needs
easy of operation without unnecessary functions
ability to create VT custom solutions
integration with other systems and devices
automation of company processes
greater efficiency and optimization of work
increase in competitiveness of the company
system adapted to the firm’s profession
full flexibility


Custom applications can be adjusted to the specific needs of the company. Upon ordering you can specify what it should be, co-create its functionality, and have an impact on every single detail. Such programs can be constantly modified to suit changing conditions. They are easier to handle, and do not contain any unnecessary functions.


Business Analysis

Our task is to have a thorough understanding of your needs and requirements, gaining a detailed knowledge of the business, gathering information describing its characteristics, and defining problems. On this basis, we will develop thorough business analysis and system solutions concepts.

Technical Project

After preparing the Business Analysis, the Technical Project is developed. All information collected during the analysis is translated into a plan and a method of implementing the various parts of the system and the required technological and IT solutions. After verification and approval of the technical project by the customer, we begin work on the implementation of the system.


Implementation and testing

Programming work is carried out on the basis of the prepared Technical Project. It is divided into stages, each of which is discussed with the client to confirm or possibly modify it. Iterative testing programs are also implemented in order to develop the best system solutions.

Production start-up and warranty

After preparation of the final project and successful completion of all tests the launch of the system follows. We provide comprehensive post production projects, expanding the system with new functionalities and adapting them to changing customer needs.

Determine your needs and we will create for you the best solutions.

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We guarantee the highest quality of services, confirmed by certificates from Microsoft.
We create solutions for small and medium-sized businesses,
as well as complex systems deployed in Poland and abroad.



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